LA Zine

The 24-page zine includes photographs I’ve taken from a road trip with my friend Akira Nakamura in the summer of 2018.

24 pages
Loop Stitch
Typeface, Monument Grotesk
Camera, Olympus Stylus Epic
Grout Gray, 70 Construction Text
Printer, Graphic Art Studio


Atomix is a 10-course tasting menu restaurant in New York City, recently awarded a Michelin star and NYTimes critic 3-stars for its innovative/modern Korean cuisine. 

Each guest is presented a card that represents the dish along with a list of ingredients and a short essay from the chef. I was fornature enough to illustrate and create 10 cards for the ‘18/’19 Winter season. 

Spring 2019 cards coming soon!

90 x 140mm
Typefaces, Monument Grotesk, Gothic A1
100% recycled, 130
Printer, Smartpress

Photography by Diane Sooyeon Kang
︎ atomixnyc

Hangul Type Exploration

To keep myself disciplined in learning how to read and write Korean, I began to study Hangul through illustrations. I steered away from the traditional form of Hangul and played around with deconstructing the characters. This book shows you my explorations, studies, and typographic exercises I've done over Summer 2016.

Draw Down Books

46 pages
Singer sewn spine
Typeface, LL Circular 
Mohawk Text, 80
Mohawk Cover, 100
Printer, Graphic Art Studio

Roma Poster 

Participated in the OYABF workshop hosted by Node in Oslo, Norway. The assignment was to select a book from Torpedo Bookshop's collection and design a poster representing the publication in any shape or form. I selected a catalogue published by Roma showcasing an exhibition that was held at MMCA in Seoul, Korea. The book was designed by Na Kim & Roger Willems. My idea was to translate RO(로) MA(마) using the same visual language as the illustrated cover by Karel Martens.

Posters were 16.5 x 23.4 in size  and printed on an A2 Riso Duplicator. Total of 100 posters were printed and displayed at Atelier Felix and distributed all over the city of Oslo.

Di An Di

Brand identity for Vietnamese restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Di An Di is an endearing phrase in Vietnamese that translates “Let’s go eat!”